This course examines the taxation of trusts and the relationship with unpaid present entitlements. It’s quite a common practice to include private companies in the mix of beneficiaries in trust structures. This is done to limit the maximum tax rate in the trust structure to the company tax rate.

Key topics:

  • Review the way trusts are taxed
  • Explain the difference between trustee income and income to which a beneficiary is presently entitled
  • Consider how UPEs arise
  • Explain some of the risks associated with having UPEs in a trust structure
  • Briefly examine Div 7A of the ITAA36 and the way it impacts on the treatment of UPEs as deemed dividends

This one hour online course forms part of the FastClass short course suite.

Learning objectives

  • Explain laws specific to the taxation of trusts.
  • Identify and discuss some of the risks associated with unpaid present entitlements.
  • Determine when an unpaid present entitlement may be treated as a deemed dividend.


This course is for tax practitioners with responsibility for the preparation of income tax returns for businesses involving trusts.

This course is based on the Australian taxation system.

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