Formulas are an integral and important feature of Excel 2010. So ensuring they are correct can save you time and a lot of headaches. Excel 2010 provides you with the tools you need to audit formulas and correct errors that may be found. In addition, using Excel's data validation tools you can restrict the types of data that can be input to your workbooks – preventing data entry errors that could otherwise occur. This course describes Excel 2010's auditing and formula correction features and shows you how to use data validation to avoid worksheet errors.

Learning objectives

  • Use Excel's formula auditing tools to evaluate and correct formulas
  • Use the Watch Window to inspect, audit, or confirm formula calculations and results
  • Use data tools to convert text to columns and remove duplicates
  • Add data validation to worksheet cells
  • List the different things you can use data validation for
  • Use error checking to identify a formula error
  • Separate text in one column into two columns
  • Restrict data entry in specific cells


End users seeking proficiency in the use of Microsoft Excel 2010 at an advanced level

60 Minutes

365 Days