How you present yourself to others can determine the power of your message and how it reflects on you as a leader. One of the keys to developing your leadership message is establishing credibility. You must always do what you say you'll do. Powerful leadership messages have distinct qualities, and leaders who learn how to deliver these messages are much more likely to persuade their audiences. This course covers the leadership attributes that shape messages and explains how to establish and maintain your credibility as a leader. It also outlines the qualities that make messages clear and credible, and it presents techniques that enable leaders to ethically deliver persuasive messages.

Learning objectives

  • Key traits that shape leadership messages
  • Ways that leaders establish credibility
  • Examples of clear and credible leadership messages
  • Determine if a leader is communicating a clear and credible message


Managers, team leaders, or professionals who want to increase their understanding of developing the leadership attributes of self-assessment, motivation, messaging, effective communication, and inspiration

60 Minutes

365 Days