It's exciting when you can see your leadership development progress. Understanding how far you've come, and knowing what areas need improvement, increases your motivation to continue to grow as a leader. You can change your behaviors and increase your motivation by learning. This course covers techniques leaders can use to carry out a self-assessment, such as reflective journaling, using surveys and checklists, and conducting 360-degree feedback. It also provides you with ways to increase your motivation, and manage your own learning, by creating a leadership development plan that enables you to cultivate your own leadership growth.

Learning objectives

  • Key concepts of self-assessment techniques
  • The benefits of assessing your own leadership development
  • The techniques for developing self-motivation
  • The appropriate steps to create a leadership development plan, based on a given situation


Managers, team leaders, or professionals who want to increase their understanding of developing the leadership attributes of self-assessment, motivation, messaging, effective communication and inspiration

60 Minutes

365 Days