One of the greatest benefits of cross-functional teams is the diversity of viewpoints, experience, and backgrounds among team members. This course explains how to head off interpersonal problems by facilitating open communication and handling meetings effectively. Analyse how to resolve conflicts when they do arise in a cross-functional team.

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This online course forms part of the SkillsNet short course suite.

Learning objectives

  • Recognise statements that illustrate the principles of open communication
  • Match examples of problems regarding cross-functional team meetings with possible solutions
  • Use techniques to make a cross-functional team meeting more effective
  • Recognise how to perform the steps for resolving a conflict in a cross-functional team
  • Facilitate resolution of a conflict in a cross-functional team


Anyone who wants to develop or refine skills for developing, utilising, managing, and leading cross-functional teams within their organisation

60 Minutes

365 Days