This course provides a basic outline of the R&D Tax Concession including eligibility requirements, notional R&D deductions and how to work out your offset. There is also an explanation of how to work out your aggregated turnover¬Ě, and the significance of this concept.

Other matters covered include:

  • Registration of research and development activities
  • Who your affiliates are
  • Who is connected with you
  • Exclusions
  • Special Rules
  • R&D Partnerships
  • Imputation and how it is affected by the concession
  • R&D conducted overseas and
  • Strategies to maximise your incentive

This one hour online course forms part of the FastClass short course suite.

Learning objectives

  • Determine whether your organisation qualifies for the R&D Tax Concession
  • Know how to apply to the IR&D Board for certification
  • Work out your aggregated turnover
  • Calculate your notional R&D deductions


This online course is for people working in Public Practice and/or Small medium enterprise entities with responsibilities such as Sole Practitioners, Partners and Directors and those with a professional interest in taxation.

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