Gain new ideas for improving the effectiveness of your organisation's budgeting and forecasting. The role of budgeting is reviewed, the most common criticisms of budgeting are addressed and alternative suggestions for the allocation of resource inputs and for determining output expectations are provided.

Key topics:

  • Introduction to budgeting
  • Is budgeting relevant?
  • Forecasting and regression analysis
  • Goal seeking
  • Forecasting: A strategic view

This course consists of one hard copy learning manual and one online assessment.

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Learning objectives

  • Assess the purpose of budgeting and its relationship to forecasting
  • Evaluate current budgeting practice, its usefulness and its criticisms
  • Discuss the role and benefits of a forecasting system
  • Apply time series and causal (regression) based forecasting techniques to develop forecasts of core business operations
  • Demonstrate scenario analysis using Goal Seek and Solver functions
  • Develop strategic forecasting models using a top-down approach


This learning manual is designed for people who are involved in the budgeting process and want to enhance their knowledge of organisation structures as well as improve their budgeting and forecasting skills for core business operations.

365 Days