Recent times have seen high profile company failures due to governance mistakes or mismanagement. Those working in finance, accounting and business are more aware than ever of the need for effective and accountable governance.

The concept of corporate governance extends beyond the management of an organisation to broader issues of stewardship, ethics, assurance and relationships with stakeholders. Reduce your risk, both personally and for your organisation.

Key topics:

  • The need for corporate governance
  • Components of corporate governance
  • Corporate governance codes, principles and recommendations
  • Governance failures and improvements

This course consists of one hard copy learning manual and one online assessment.

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Learning objectives

  • Identify the key elements of the corporate governance framework
  • Describe the nature of corporations and the division of corporate powers
  • Discuss agency theory and how it is used to understand corporate behaviour
  • Discuss the key features of corporate structures
  • Examine the characteristics and duties of directors under Australian commonwealth, state and territory law
  • Interpret and apply codes and principles of corporate governance


This course is suitable for those working in the public, not-for-profit, SME and corporate sectors, specifically those involved in:

  • corporate governance
  • external reporting
  • financial control
  • treasury
  • auditor internal
  • financial management
  • risk management

It is also relevant for aspiring board members and those seeking careers as company secretaries or corporate treasurers.

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