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Duration: 2.5 hours

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It's generally agreed that women and men equally share key leadership traits such as intelligence and capacity for innovation, but women may face additional challenges along the way. This course examines the personal and professional obstacles women may encounter, and how to develop confidence and a personal brand, as well as capitalise on natural strengths to showcase your competence and enhance your skills. Among the unique challenges women face can be the problems of balancing work and family, and this course looks at some of the techniques available to help you satisfy those competing needs. The course also examines what it means to be an inspirational leader to your team, and how to develop yourself as a leader personally and professionally.

This value pack includes these short courses:

  • Gender and leadership
  • Choosing to lead as a woman
  • Career and family challenges for women leaders
  • Becoming an inspirational leader
  • Assessing your own leadership performance

This value pack consists of multiple short courses, giving you the flexibility of accelerated learning while fitting it into your increasingly busy schedule. The topics listed above contain a number of micro learning assets, each of which take between 3 - 6 minutes to view. Focusing on a single learning objective per subcategory, these courses will give you practical tools that you can implement immediately.


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This value pack is suitable for women who are managers and leaders and those looking toward a leadership role, and all who want to develop their leadership attributes of self-assessment, motivation, messaging, effective communication, and inspiration.