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Whether you are buying or selling your own business or advising your clients, there are a number of issues that impact:

  • the proceeds from selling a business
  • the cost of buying a business

This course examines some of the more important issues to be considered before entering into a purchase or sale agreement for a business.

Where a business is owned by an entity other than an individual or partnership, you will usually have a choice between buying or selling the assets of the business or, alternatively, buying or selling the interests in the entity that owns the business. Each option presents advantages and disadvantages for both the buyer and the seller of the business.

Key topics:

  • Buying or selling the interests in the entity
  • Buying or selling the assets of the business
  • Choice of business structure

This one hour online course forms part of the FastClass short course suite.


  • Explain the direct and indirect tax implications involved in buying and selling a business
  • Identify and apply the tax planning opportunities that are available to prospective buyers and sellers in fact–based scenarios
  • Analyse the considerations that affect your choice of business structure


This course is suitable for tax practitioners in public practice, small to medium enterprise and the corporate sector.

This course is based on the Australian taxation system.