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Duration: 60 Minutes

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Execution isn't over once strategies have been implemented. Ongoing monitoring and evaluation of strategic implementation are needed to ensure the strategy continues to create value and that changes in circumstances are taken into account. Strategy is useless if it's static. Good execution requires a dynamic approach that scrutinizes the strategy's effectiveness at junctures and reacts by revising it if necessary. This course considers the importance of continually monitoring and evaluating strategy to ensure good execution. It looks at methods of monitoring the execution of strategy, such as actions plans, dashboards, strategic review meetings, and measuring employee engagement. And it demonstrates a four-step process for evaluating executed strategy and examines the methods of effectively revising strategy.


  • Recognise the ways to effectively monitor execution of strategy
  • Determine if the correct steps for evaluating strategy were taken in a given scenario
  • Recognise reasons why strategy ceases to work
  • Recognise how to revise strategy for good execution


Anyone who wants to initiate the conditions, implement the strategies, and provide support for business execution in their organization