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This course presents some examples of how a CFO perspective is applied to many of the activities and financial decisions you make in your area of business on a daily basis. It presents some guidelines for functional managers for creating budgets, and best practices that may contribute to reduced working capital needs. And it teaches you how your request for incurring an incremental cost or making a buy or lease decision could be evaluated from a CFO perspective.

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This online course forms part of the SkillsNet short course suite.

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  • Identify guidelines for functional managers when creating budgets
  • Classify techniques for effectively managing components of the working capital equation
  • Determine if incurring a step cost is possible for a company in a given scenario
  • Decide between leasing and purchasing in a given scenario


Functional managers, professionals, departmental leaders, and all individuals in key roles who want to align their financial planning and management activities with CFO thinking