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This course provides an introduction to the SAP SCM system. Since planning is a major component of the SCM process, key applications in the Advanced Planning and Optimisation module are discussed, as well as two execution applications: Event Management and Transportation Management.

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This online course forms part of the SkillsNet short course suite.

Please note this course is only available to CPA Australia members.


  • Identify components of the Demand Planning process flow diagram
  • Determine the appropriate supply network planning approach to use based on company characteristics
  • Recognise the procedure for opening a planning book in the SNP module
  • Match SNP options with their corresponding purposes
  • Identify features of Production Planning
  • Recognise the procedure for running a production plan
  • Use SCM planning applications
  • Recognise the procedure for displaying Event Management rule sets
  • Match Event Management terms with their corresponding definitions
  • Order the steps in the Transportation Management process
  • Recognise the procedure for scheduling with dynamic route determination
  • Schedule the delivery of goods and report an event


Individuals who plan to use SAP's Business Suite 7 applications to perform basic business functions within their organisations