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Duration: 120 Minutes

Subscription Period: 365 Days

Language: English

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This course will focus on the marketing, sales, and service modules of SAP CRM and will introduce some of the basic features of SAP CRM. It also includes demonstrations of some of the more common activities related to the customer relationship cycle.

For an optimal experience please check the minimum computer system requirements.

This online course forms part of the SkillsNet short course suite.

Please note this course is only available to CPA Australia members.


  • Recognise procedure for adding appointments to the Marketing Calendar
  • Recognise how CRM's segmentation tool facilitates the management of marketing resources
  • Recognise how to create a campaign
  • Recognise the procedure for creating mail for a marketing campaign
  • Recognise the process for creating a lead
  • Perform marketing tasks using CRM Marketing applications
  • Recognise the process for creating an opportunity
  • Recognise the process for creating a quotation
  • Perform sales tasks using CRM Sales applications
  • Recognise the process for creating a service order
  • Identify the components of the service cycle
  • Recognise the procedure for determining whether the service performed is under warranty
  • Perform service tasks using CRM Service applications


Individuals who plan to use SAP's Business Suite 7 applications to perform basic business functions within their organisations