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This webinar is a recording of the live webinar that took place in February 2017 and will focus on the Government’s changes to the pension rules. It will explain the changes to the law and how the transfer balance cap of $1.6m will operate and any planning issues when this law comes into effect on 1 July 2017.

Key topics:

  • How will the $1.6m cap operate?
  • Planning issues to be aware of 
  • How will the pension exemption be calculated?
  • What are the CGT implications for transferring assets from retirement phase to accumulation?

By viewing this recorded webinar you will gain an understanding of the pension rules and should be able to better manage the tax risks. You will also be better informed on dealing with exempt pension income and the implications of the cap rule.


  • Essential elements of the superannuation changes
  • Changes from the draft law
  • Implications of the reforms
  • Understanding the transitional CGT rules


This recorded webinar is suitable for Public Practitioners, Financial planners, Accountants, SMSF Auditors and Auditors.