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Watch the most engaging and informative sessions from several years of CPA Conferences. This package will help you develop the skills to become an influential leader, including:

  • Big leadership in small moments
  • Adapting your leadership style to different generations and personalities
  • Changes and restructures: ¬†Dealing with and managing changes to your finance team and organisation
  • Inspiring a coaching culture
  • How social neuroscience can facilitate better collaboration and cooperation

Five premium sessions for just $200 (2.5CPD hours).


  • Identify when and how to show true leadership
  • Understand the different members of your team and how to motivate them
  • Explore the neuroscience of change and learn the secret to being resilient
  • Discover what a coaching culture is and how to create one in your workplace to foster continuous learning, innovation and high performance
  • Learn to facilitate better collaboration and cooperation within your team


This online package is suitable for anyone who wishes to improve their influence as a leader.