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Watch the most engaging and informative sessions from several years of CPA Conferences. This package will help you develop the skills you need to be an ethical accountant, including:

  • Creating an ethical culture: Why and how
  • How to manage a workplace investigation
  • Preventing corruption: lessons from the past 200 years
  • Keeping integrity in business
  • Behavioural ethics and the Code of Ethics for professional accountants

Five premium sessions for just $200 (2.5CPD hours).


  • Gain insights into creating and sustain an ethical culture in any organisation
  • Understand your corporate risk and learn to manage the five phases of the workplace investigation process
  • Explore four case studies on corruption and key learnings from them
  • Identify what it takes to maintain integrity in business
  • Learn how the framework of the Code of Ethics should be used to make ethical professional judgements


This online package is suitable for anyone who wishes to improve their understanding and knowledge of workplace ethics.